oerperl is a Perl-scriptable IRC bot based on oer and oer+MySQL. It adds three commands to the oer command set that can be used to add, delete and list Perl scripts.

oerperl exposes the oer internals to your Perl script via its Perl API. With it you can:

oerperl requires Perl 5.002 or newer to run. To compile it you’ll also need the Perl development libraries and headers and the ExtUtils::Embed Perl module.

oerperl was written by Riku Nurminen (contact info).


Website online again

posted by rnurminen on 21 March 2009

Website online again after some 3 years downtime :)

oerperl 1.0.1, oerperl+MySQL 1.0.1

posted by rnurminen on 9 October 2004

I released oerperl 1.0.1 and oerperl+MySQL 1.0.1.

Site updated

posted by rnurminen on 16 August 2004

I redesigned the oerperl website.

Initial release

posted by rnurminen on 7 February 2004

oerperl 1.0 and oerperl+MySQL 1.0 released.