API Reference

1. Constants

1.1. OerPerl::BLOCK_OER_COMMAND (1)

Has the value of 1 that can be returned from an overriding command handler to block the command from being executed normally in oer.

1.2. OerPerl::CHANNEL (1)

Can be used in target_type argument of OerPerl::sendto to denote that the message is being sent to a channel instead of a user.

1.3. OerPerl::DEBUG (0|1)

Has the value of 0 if oerperl was compiled in non-debug mode, 1 if in debug.

1.4. OerPerl::DEBUG_NONE (0)

1.5. OerPerl::DEBUG_FATAL (1)

1.6. OerPerl::DEBUG_ERROR (2)

1.7. OerPerl::DEBUG_WARNING (3)

1.8. OerPerl::DEBUG_INFO (4)

1.9. OerPerl::DEBUG_NOISE (8)

1.10. OerPerl::DEBUG_FLOOD (9)

Constants holding integer values for debug levels that can be passed to OerPerl::oer_debug.

1.11. OerPerl::USER (0)

Can be used in target_type argument of OerPerl::sendto to denote that the message is being sent to a user instead of a channel.

2. Functions

2.1. OerPerl::add_command_handler(command, callback)

Adds a new command handler for command command with callback callback.

See the User Manual chapter 2.3 Command handlers for example usage.

2.2. OerPerl::add_event_handler(event_type, callback)

Adds a new event handler callback callback that receives events of type event_type.

See the User Manual chapter 2.2 Event handlers for example usage.

2.3. OerPerl::add_timer(interval, callback)

Adds callback as a timer to be called every interval seconds.

The minimum interval is 1 second.

2.4. OerPerl::is_valid_channel(channel)

Returns 1 if the string channel is a valid channel name, 0 if it’s not.

2.5. OerPerl::oer_debug(debuglevel, message)

Outputs message to the oer console with debug level debuglevel.

The message will be visible if debuglevel is less than or equal to the debuglevel oer was started in (-d[0-9]).

2.6. OerPerl::register_shutdown_callback(callback)

Registers callback as a shutdown callback for the script.

2.7. OerPerl::register_startup_callback(callback)

Registers callback as a startup callback for the script.

2.8. OerPerl::sendto(target, target_type, message)

Sends message as a PRIVMSG to a channel (if target_type is OerPerl::CHANNEL) or as a NOTICE to a user (if target_type is OerPerl::USER).

OerPerl::USER messages will be sent as PRIVMSG if oer global flag 'm' is set.